My New Favorite Regimen for Combating Dry Skin

My clients have been coming in lately with exceptionally dry skin. Especially around the mouth and even on the top of the nose. I’ve noticed this on myself even and I’m never dry. This is most likely due to the weather change here in San Diego. So here’s what I did.

My Application:

I used Cosmedix NEW Restore Moisture-Rich Mask the other night and woke up amazed! Here’s my regimen I do twice a week.

  • Cleansed skin with Rhonda Allison Foaming Peptide Cleanser

  • Cleansed with Rhonda Allison Skin Brightening Cleanser (I was wearing makeup so I always do 2 cleanses)

  • Applied Rhonda Allison Brightening Pigment Lotion (toner) with cotton square

  • At night I always use a vitamin A. I rotate and currently I am using Rhonda Allison Chronopeptide A.

  • I then put on Cosmedix RESTORE Moisture-Rich Mask. It says to leave on 10-15 mins then blot off. Well I just kept it on because it absorbed in and it felt so good.


I woke up in the morning and couldn’t believe how smooth and plumped I looked. All my fine lines were smoothed out and my skin just felt so amazingly hydrated.


Add the Cosmedix RESTORE Moisture-Rich Mask to the end of your night routine twice a week for maintaining. You will absolutely love how hydrated your skin will be!

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