7 Tips To Keep Your Skin & Body Balanced

  1. Water with a lemon slice. Every morning first thing when you wake up drink water with lemon. We wake up from a fast and this will prime your body and jump start your metabolism. All those foods we don’t normally eat around the holidays tend to make the body very acidic and prone to sickness. Lemon water will alkaline your body and make your skin glow. I cut a lemon up into slices and keep in a baggy so they are good to go

  2. Up your fiber. Think of fiber as a daily scrub for your intestines. Fiber acts like a gentle abrasive and lifts waste that is stuck to your intestine walls and moves it along the track. My suggestion is old fashion organic oats with almond or coconut milk for breakfast. Top it with your favorite berries. Or for RAW enthusiasts soak oats overnight in almond milk and eat in the morning.

  3. Antioxidant elixirs. Free radicals deteriorate our cells by oxidizing them. Hence, Antioxidants are use to counteract this, therefore allowing the cells to be healthy and live longer. Loading up on antioxidants will keep you feeling more alive literally and healthy especially through these months where colds and flu’s can come around. Be proactive and up your intake. I love my Peach Green Tea Antioxidant elixir and my new Pomegranate Acai Elixir, which I offer free tastings. I want to keep myself and you healthy!

  4. Get on a Detox maintenance NOW. Don’t wait until New Year’s! Use a dry body brush and a detox oil concentrate to use daily this season. I also recommend having a body wrap on hand for the day before and after eating frenzies. This will give you peace of mind that none of that food and drink will store inside, which can make you feel and LOOK extremely bloated. I am offering as a complimentary treat through the holidays the Slim Tonique oil to rub on your belly before laying down for your treatment. This is an all natural concentrated oil that squeezes toxins out of the skin. Oh and it smells yummy! I also have body wraps that wrap around your stomach for home use and the dry brushes for sale.

  5. Move your body. Stop “shoulding” all over yourself and make your should’s a MUST. Moving your body and getting exercise is a no brainer to feeling good and looking good. Increasing blood flow and oxygen to the body is a must. Take a yoga class or try something new. Already have your favorite form of exercise and routine down? Then celebrate and keep it up!!

  6. Mask your face. All that sugar and rich food can cause some major breakouts and congestion. Also, we’re getting into cooler weather so your face is going to feel dry. It’s dry, it’s broken out, it’s gone cuckoo, oh my! WHAT TO DO? I love love love enzyme masks. WHY? They have antioxidants, (read why antioxidants are important above 3rd from top) plus fruit acids that will dissolve that dry skin. It’s a win/win. My recommendation is the pumpkin, cherry or skin brightening enzyme from Rhonda Allison.

  7. Drink Tea. Instead of grabbing a cup of coffee around that 2-3p crash grab some tea instead. It’s got less caffeine or none, and it will still give you that boost you’re craving. There’s so many great beneficial teas out there, have fun picking a new one you haven’t tried before. My recommendation is Dandelion Detox Tea. Did you know that dandelion root….

  • It improves digestion and aids weight loss.

  • It eases congestion of the liver.

  • It helps to purify the bladder and kidneys.

  • It reduces the risk of urinary tract infections.

  • It contains calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, vitamins B and C.

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