Got Puffy Eyes? Here Are Some Quick Tips

I get asked a lot, “Is there anything I can do for my puffy eyes?” Yes, there is!

First, let’s find out why some of us get it worse than others. There can be many reasons including hormonal changes, poor diet, stress, lack of sleep, sinus and allergy issues, and alcohol. Of course, being preventative can help lessen these effects. For instance, don’t eat high sodium foods close to bed time

Here a few quick tips for reducing puffy eyes:

  1. Always put on an eye serum at night. Eye serums have multiple benefits such as helping fine lines, hydrating, reducing puffiness, brighten tired, dull tissue. I like Rhonda Allison’s Peptide 3-N-1 Eye Cream.

  2. First thing you should do in the morning is drink a glass of water. This will not only help hydrate you and your puffy eyes, but your body just came out of a fast from sleeping last night. We dehydrate when we are sleeping. Drinking a glass of water first thing will also kick start your metabolism.

  3. So I am a coffee drinker. I know that caffeine can actually dehydrate you more and you need to make sure you supplement with adequate amounts of water. BUT, A GREAT TRICK is to use your coffee grinds from the day before and spread a thin layer just under the eye area. The caffeine topically can help shrink blood vessels and reduce puffiness under the eyes. I put on a small amount and leave on for 5 mins then gently with cold water rinse off. If redness occurs, stop doing this.

  4. Always keep 2 cold spoons in the freezer. Use the back side of spoon and apply just under eyes. Keep on for 30 seconds remove and repeat for several times. An eye mask kept in the fridge would work well here too. Leave on up to 10 mins. I like to put my cold spoons over the coffee grinds under my eyes.

  5. Tea bags kept in the fridge can help as well. Green or black tea are best as they have anti-inflammatory properties in them.

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