Join us for a night of restoring and regenerating your body. We’ll start with a one hour yoga flow class, followed by some vino and mingling, then it’s peel time! Each of you will get a custom light facial peel to put on yourself that stays on. I’ll go over all the benefits and what to expect. No downtime just an instant glow. Perfect way to end your work week and start your weekend!

Time: 6:45-8:45p

Pricing: Non-members $45
Members at Jezebelle’s or ALFitness $40
(use promo code yogapeel40)
Reserve your spot NOW! Limited space available. Visit class schedule to sign up for Yoga, Peel & Vino today by clicking link below.


Vitamin C Awaken Facial- I’m super excited about this facial! $105

I’ve pulled together all my brightening, intense hydration, and antioxidant packed products plus loads of Vitamin C into one facial! Awaken the skin for a luminous glow using the power of Vitamin C and special melanin suppressing enzymes to bring life to dull, photo damaged skin. With the added benefits from daisy flower extracts and pure milk protein, skin will be left hydrated, radiant and have that red carpet glow!


  • Skin brightening cleansing scrub
  • Skin brightening enzyme exfoliation with a lightening peel boost
  • Several serums saturated into the skin that include power house of anti-aging and brightening ingredients!
  • Your skin will drink up large amounts of Hyaluronic Acid serum (AKA WATER)
  • Introducing COSMEDIX’s new GLOW and RESTORE mask combo for INTENSE HYDRATION
  • Red LED Light therapy mask over last mask for increased collagen and elasticity


4-Layer Restoration Green Treatment $95

This amazing deep tissue facial uses the elements of our green products to soften, brighten, clarify and restore with triple the enzyme exfoliation and double the purifying, hydrating masks – all skins will benefit!! GREEN INGREDIENTS:

  • Green tea
  • Green papaya
  • Green enzymes
  • Green clay
  • Green Italian herbs
  • Green growth factor
  • Flavored water of the month is: Peach flavored green tea extracts. Yum!