Offering progressive, mid-depth, and deep peels. A peel can be performed on it’s own after cleansing and prepping or can be added to a facial. A thorough consultation is done first to go over what peel is right for your skin and what you are looking to achieve. A series of peels to get the desired results maybe recommended. Proper home care is necessary and will be discussed as well.  Please feel free to email me with any questions. I am more than happy to guide you in the right direction.  


A La Carte Peel

$80-$200 (depending on depth of peel and layers of product used)

The difference between a light, medium and deep depth peel is how far the peel penetrates the top layers of the skin. How does this happen?  Well, peels usually contain acids which dissolve the bonds that hold the cells together. Stronger peels can actually denature the protein of the cells causing a heavier peeling action.  All peel treatments start with 2 thorough cleanses and a prep solution to clear all traces of oil off the face.

Therefore, depending on the type of acid used in the peel and the amount of time left on skin can determine a light, medium or deep depth peel from the skin.

  • A light peel will remove several of the top layers of the skin and is a quick, safe and effective way to resurface the skin without the abrasive action of scrubbing.
  • A medium-depth peel can consist of 2-3 peels, all custom to the clients needs to receive a strong cell turnover, softening and smoothing of lines and pores, and major collagen boosting effects.  Little down time, such as mild flaking around the mouth where the epidermal cells will lift because of talking.
  • A deep peel consists of a two layer peel prep of stronger acids.  Then one layer at a time of a Lotus peel (up to 8 layers can be applied) and I am looking for a frosting opaque layer on the skin. This means the protein has been denatured from the cells and will cause heavy peeling.  Deep-depth peels are about a 45 minute long treatment and home care is  absolutely necessary to feed the new skin coming in.  I go over thoroughly what to expect and give a handout to take home with everything discussed.  Of course, I am always available if you have any questions or concerns.  These are recommended during our fall/winter season.  I recommend at least 1 a year as a reset button.  This kind of peel arrests the aging process!


As an Add-on to a Facial



I have so many different kinds of peels from AHA’s to flower acids to Vitamins.  Here are some that are great as an enhanced boost that can be added to a facial:

Alpha Hydroxy Acids- Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid

Sake Peel

Mandelic Arginine Peel

Vitamin A + Peptide Peel

Apple Wine Peel (MY FAVORITE)

Hibiscus Peel

H202 Emulsion

Salicylic Peel



Series of 3 light peels – $195 ($45 Savings) Recommended 3 weeks apart.


Series of 3 medium peels – $345 ($45 Savings) Recommended 3 weeks apart.  Great corrective treatment!


Not sure which one is right for your skin??  No worries at all!  I will always recommend what I think is best suited for your skin and concerns.  This is the benefit of having an expert guide you in all your skin care needs.