Essential Facials


Welcome to Jezebelle Skin Solutions, where I specialize in customized treatments and products for total skin health. Each facial is tailored and can be adjusted to ensure the very best and correct products are used to achieve optimal results.


“My skin is absolutely glowing! I don’t know what magic you worked but I my skin looks perfect, no makeup or filter required” 🙂  Tessa M.

Jezebelle’s Essential Facial

60 min $85

Series of 5 $350

Monthly facials are essential to maintain healthy radiant skin. This signature treatment includes cleansing, steam exfoliation, extractions, massage of the face, neck, shoulders, and arms, custom mask and serums. Whether you have acne, oily, dry, hyper pigmented skin, etc. this essential facial will be tailored specifically to target all your skin’s needs. If you’re not sure where to start, this is it! We can always adjust to a different facial or add an enrichment at the time of your appt. A thorough consult is always discussed before any facial.

Acne Facial

60 min $100

Series of 5 $420

The goal is to decongest, clarify, and calm the skin. Extractions can be a very beneficial service to offer in the treatment room, easing out comedones, blackheads, and pustules. With the aid of exotic flower essence and healing, soothing botanicals, the a blend of herbs provides just the right balance to help clear even the toughest skin issues. High frequency wand is used to stimulate, sanitize, and heal the skin.

Rosacea Facial

60 min $95

Series of 3 $225

Seeing red? Reduce inflammation and bring about a healthier look to the skin with antibacterial support and cellular rejuvenation. This corrective facial will strengthen capillaries and minimize fine lines for smoother, younger-looking skin. With the added benefits of specialty serums, hydrating masks, and a refreshing ice treatment – skin will have a radiant glow and refined appearance

Microdermabrasion + Fruit Enzyme Mask

45 min $90

Series of 3 $230

This is a non-invasive treatment that resurfaces the skin like sandpaper sanding down wood. It helps improve the appearance of enlarged pores,sun-damage, sun spots, fine lines, acne and acne scars. Treatment includes 2 cleanses, microdermabrasion, a fruit enzyme for a deeper exfoliation and nourishment for the skin, serums, and moisturizer all specialized toward your skin’s needs.


Teen Facial

35 min $65

Teens will receive a quick, effective support with a thorough deep cleanse for potent maintenance treatment. This express facial uses digestive enzymes to support normal to problematic skin while the soothing relief of botanicals creates a healing, calming effect for more vibrant skin. less time – great results!

Gentleman’s Facial

60 min $75

Customized for a gentleman’s specific skin needs, a deep cleansing and scrub followed by steam exfoliation, while receiving a shoulder and neck massage. Next up is light extractions, then the treatment concludes with a soothing mask to balance and hydrate your skin, also helping alleviate shaving irritation. Arm and hand massage is given while mask is on.

Refresher Facial

30 min $55

Don’t have a lot of time but still need a deep cleansing? Then this facial is perfect for you. In 30 minutes you’ll get a cleansing, steam enzyme exfoliation (while receive a neck and shoulder massage), pressure points face massage, and moisturizer with spf.